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Laura M. Frey is an Associate Professor in Couple & Family Therapy and has been in academia for the past 9 years. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Clinical Supervisor.


Laura has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Youth, Adult, and Family Services from Purdue University. She also earned a Master of Science (M.S.) in Family Studies and Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Family Sciences from the University of Kentucky. She is a member of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT), and the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP).


Her primary interest is in the intersection of family processes and mental health. As a licensed clinician and family scientist, she aspires to conduct applied research that has clear implications for both family life educators and mental health service providers. Her research has utilized both quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the role of stigma and family interactions following a member's disclosure of suicidal behavior. Additionally, she has examined parental suicide attempts and how this information is communicated to children. Her programmatic line of research moving forward is centered on the role of suicide-related disclosure and subsequent family reactions. Her work aims to equip families with skills needed to respond to a loved one's suicidal episodes in compassionate ways that promote safety and reduce risk moving forward.

As a clinician, she advocates for examining the family's role in experiences leading up to suicidal behavior and the assets family can provide in the treatment process. She also provides continuing education for professionals regarding the assessment and treatment of suicidal behavior.

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