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Relevant Publications

Anticipated suicide stigma, secrecy, and suicidality among suicide attempt survivors

Mayer, L., Rüsch, N., Frey, L. M., Nadorff, M. R., Drapeau, C. W., Sheehan, L., & Oexle, N. (in press)

Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior

Are the "right" people selected for first disclosures about suicidal thoughts: Exploring what we know about advance directives in the context of safety planning.

Fulginiti, A., & Frey, L. M.  (2020)

Community Mental Health Journal

The practice of suicide assessment and management by marriage and family therapists. 

Love, H. A., Frey, L. M., & Durtshi, J. (2020). 

American Journal of Family Therapy

Sharing suicidal thoughts in social networks: A multi-level perspective of disclosure among people with serious mental illness in India

Fulginiti, A., Pahwa, R., & Frey, L. M. (Advanced online publication, 2019)

International Journal of Mental Health

"Nobody hears a silent cry for help": Suicide attempt survivors' experiences of disclosing during and after a crisis

Maple, M., Frey, L. M., McKay, K., Coker, S., & Grey, S. (Advanced online publication, 2019)

Archives of Suicide Research

What's in a word? Clarifying terminology on suicide-related communication 

Frey, L. M., Fulginiti, A., Sheehan, L., Oexle, N., Stage, D. L., & Stohlmann-Rainey, J. (Advanced online publication, 2019)

Death Studies

Public health surveillance of youth suicide attempts: Challenges and opportunities

Singleton, M. D., Frey, L. M., & Cerel, J. (Advanced online publication, 2019)

Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior

Recipients of suicide-related disclosure: The link between disclosure and posttraumatic growth for suicide attempt survivors.

Frey, L. M., Drapeau, C. W., Fulginiti, A., Oexle, N., Stage, D. L., Sheehan, L., Cerel, J., & Moore, M. (2019)

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Suicide-related disclosure: Potential implications for inclusion and recovery.

Sheehan, L., Oexle, N., Bushman, M., Fulginiti, A., & Frey, L. M. (2019)

Journal of Public Mental Health

Exploring suicide-related disclosure motivation and the impact on mechanisms linked to suicide

Fulginiti, A., & Frey, L. M. (2020)

Death Studies

Suicidal ideation and behavior among victims of sex trafficking in Kentuckiana

Frey, L. M., Middleton, J., Gattis, M. N., & Fulginiti, A. (2018)


Testing the psychometric properties of the Self-Harm and Suicide Disclosure Scale

Frey, L. M., Higgins, G. E., & Fulginiti, A. (2018)

Psychiatry Research

Exploring lived experience in gender and sexual minority suicide attempt survivors. 

Williams, S. M., Frey, L. M., Stage, D. L., & Cerel, J. (2018)

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Suicide attempt survivorship and designation as a concealable stigmatized identity.

Fulginiti, A., & Frey, L. M. (2018)

Families in Society

The decision-making process for disclosing suicidal ideation and behavior to family and friends

Frey, L.M., Fulginiti, A., Lezine, D., & Cerel, J. (2018)

Family Relations

Youth experiences survey (YES): Exploring the scope and complexity of sex trafficking in a sample of youth experiencing homelessness

Middleton, J. S., Gattis, M. N., Frey, L. M., & Roe-Sepowitz, D. (2018)

Journal of Social Service Research

Treatment for suicidal thoughts and behavior: A review of family-based interventions

Frey, L. M., & Hunt, Q. A. (2018)

Journal of Marital & Family Therapy

Survivor of suicide loss support group facilitators: Do peers and professionals differ?

Sanford, R. L., Cerel, J., & Frey, L. M. (2018)

Social Work with Groups

Talking about suicide may not be enough: Family reaction as a mediator between disclosure and interpersonal needs

Frey, L. M., & Fulginiti, A. (2017)

Journal of Mental Health

Suicide ideation, anxiety, & depression: Are children a protective factor for veterans?

Weisenhorn, D., Frey, L. M., Hans, J. D., & Cerel, J. (2017).

Journal of Mental Health

An interpretive phenomenological inquiry of family and friend reaction to suicide disclosure

Frey, L. M., Hans, J. D., & Cerel, J. (2017).

Journal of Marital & Family Therapy

Suicide exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder: Is marriage a protective factor for veterans?

Weisenhorn, D., Frey, L. M., van de Venne, J., & Cerel, J. (2017)

Journal of Child and Family Studies

Where is family science in suicide prevention and intervention: Theoretical applications for a systemic perspective

Frey, L. M., Hans, J. D., & Sanford, R. L. (2016)

Journal of Family Theory & Review

Parents with suicidal behavior: Parenting is not always protective

Cerel, J., Frey, L. M., Maple, M., & Kinner, D. G. (2016)

Journal of Child and Family Studies

What factors influence the decision to share suicidal thoughts? A multilevel social network analysis of disclosure among individuals with serious mental illness. 

Fulginiti, A., Pahwa, R., Frey, L. M., Rice, E., & Brekke, J. S. (2016)

Suicide & LIfe-Threatening Behavior

Perceptions of suicide stigma: How do social networks and treatment provders compare? 

Frey, L. M., Hans, J. D., & Cerel, J. (2016)


Suicide disclosure in suicide attempt survivors: Does family reactions moderate or mediate disclosure's effect on depression?

Frey, L. M., Hans, J. D., & Cerel, J. (2016)

Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior

Attitudes toward assisted suicide: Does family context matter?

Frey, L. M., & Hans, J. D. (2016)

Archives of Suicide Research

Risk for suicide and the role of the family: A narrative review

Frey, L. M., & Cerel, J. (2015)

Journal of Family Issues

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