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"Everyone is destined to experience not only the exhilaration of life but also its inevitable darkness." -Irvin D. Yalom


As a collaborative therapist, I work alongside individuals, couples, and families to find resolutions to a wide range of concerns and interpersonal problems. Many people define themselves and their family members in a limited way, often forgetting the vast potential that each person embodies. Each person is different, with a unique background and set of circumstances. Therefore, therapy should not be "one size fits all."

Clients receive a customized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. My goal is to help you expand on your existing strengths to develop a richer life and more meaningful relationships. I adopt a collaborative approach that utilizes not only the skills of the therapist but also the strengths and knowledge of the client. With your knowledge of personal strengths and my expertise in therapeutic methodologies and techniques, we can work together to achieve both your personal and interpersonal goals.

For more information, please visit my profile on Psychology Today.

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440 N. Whittington Parkway

Burhans Hall, Room 137C

Louisville, KY 40222


Phone: (502) 509-6491

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